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Reiki for Body, Mind, & Spirit


Relax... Renew... Rejuvenate... with Reiki at The Light Touch.

The Light Touch offers Reiki for Body, Mind. & Spirit at Private Spa in Canton, OH.  Whether you want to relieve long-standing stress or find a respite from pain, anxiety, or sadness using natural healing, I will give you a Reiki treatment concentrating on your specific needs. 

Step into a soothing environment with soft, peaceful music, and let the Reiki energy help you connect with an inner tranquility.  Here at The Light Touch, serenity and peace are a major ingredient in the prescription for happiness. 

Why Choose Reiki at The Light Touch?

Reiki relaxes the body, rejuvenates the mind, and renews the spirit.  My goal is to bring a radiant feeling of well-being to every part of you.

Contact me to find out how to bring joy into your life every day!

-- Leigh Shaheen, CRMT 

(Certified Reiki Master/Teacher)  

Waiting for SPRING Special!


Book your Reiki session before March 31, 2014, and receive a 20% discount off your first treatment!