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We are not physical bodies with souls of Light.  Rather, we are souls of Light in physical bodies. Light represents truth, understanding, and most profoundly, a touch of the Divine.  On these pages, I'll be writing about Light, and what it means to touch and be touched by it.

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I've been giving Reiki treatments for some time now, but May of 2013 was the first time I officially set up shop on my own. It was sort of like a bungee jump off a cliff, terrifying and daunting as well as exhilarating and life-changing, all at the same time.

And from the germ of an idea to the full flowering in mid-air of Reiki Light Touch, to moving my office into Rising Sun Holistic Choices, it has seemed like a whirlwind.  How did it start?

In 2013, one door was closing - my part-time job was being phased out.  And another door surprisingly opened - I suddenly felt a great urge to expand my Reiki practice on my own. That opening door wasn't a big, wide, yawning gap, but rather a small but insistent, Light-filled crack.  

I spent a day thinking about the idea, exploring all its nooks and crannies, and then abruptly, I decided:  I'm pulling that door all the way open and taking the first step through it. And that's all it took.

Suddenly -- ideas, plans, goals, action steps -- all started coursing through my mind, filling me with excited energy, waking me up in the middle of the night, animating and driving me.  My general plan came together over one happily frantic 48-hour period. Then all that was left were the details.

Time and time again, I have witnessed the phenomenon: When the Universe is ready for you and you are ready for the next phase in your life, all you have to do is look for the crack of Light and be willing to take the first step into that great unknown behind the door.  

A friend of mine, let's call her "Molly," graduated with a BA in Art Education, but she couldn't find a job opening for a teacher.  Instead, she worked in a bureaucratic job that paid the bills but didn't offer much in the way of fulfillment. She did find an evening position as an instructor in a Continuing Education program.  But after a few years of offering the courses, the classes were abruptly canceled, and a door slammed shut on Molly. 

One night, feeling blue, she was flipping through the TV channels when she happened to see a 30-second scene in a cop show where a traumatized child was drawing pictures to express his anger. Light shone through a crack in that new door that had just opened for Molly, and the next day she applied to work toward a Master's degree in Art Therapy.

Not only was she able to fuel her passion for art, but she was hired full-time as an Art Therapist at a center that treats children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now she is in demand as a speaker, giving talks and hands-on demonstrations to other therapists and social workers, in addition to her fascinating and fulfilling work with children.

That's how it happens when you take the first step through the new door. Suddenly, everything begins to fall into place. Questions get answered.  Bridges appear over chasms. People seek you out.

So when it came time to reinvent my life, I walked through my own open door, and here I am.

Let the new phase continue!  

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